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Taking Indian Music to Modern Times - Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma, the Santoor Maestro, hailing from Kashmir features in the latest commercial for Taj Mahal Tea, shot in the backdrop of the mystic Dal Lake. Rahul Sharma’s persona and finesse manages to single handedly rekindle the love for Indian Classical Music that resides in the heart of every Indian.

A versatile musician, Rahul Sharma loves to take the tougher path. To begin with, he chose Santoor, an instrument with hundred strings. Then he chose the ancient and extremely demanding idiom of Indian classical music to harness and express his creativity. After diving deep within this time-tested ocean, he has taken the un-treaded path and tried the never-before. Over time, he has created a vast body of work, where various modern genres co-exist comfortably with his first love – Indian Classical music.

Rahul has gone a long way in fulfilling the dream of his father, Pt Shivkumar Sharma in making the Santoor an indispensable in the world of music across the globe. He is “India-in-the-Twenty first Century” personified.

The sound of Darjeeling - Niladri Kumar

Taj Mahal tea re-establishes its association with Indian Classical Music, as Niladri Kumar becomes its new face. From the age of four, under the guidance of Pt. Kartick Kumar, a disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Niladri has been mastering the sitar. Today, he is hailed as one of the energetic new voices in Indian classical music, with a profound understanding of different styles and mastery of technical skill.

A player for the 21st century, he is the inventor of the zitar – the electronic sitar. Be it his highly acclaimed Indian Classical Music recitals or his rave-reviewed World Music concerts, Niladri has something captivating for both the orthodox and the progressive music lover. We are proud to make him our new face, and begin a new journey with him to a new height of excellence. He is the creator of Raag Darjeeling – a classical masterpiece specially crafted for Taj Mahal.

The jugalbandi of strength and flavour - Madhuri Dixit

Our brand ambassador both departs from, and continues, our rich traditions. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal brings you a perfect combination of strength and exquisite flavour. This jugalbandi is represented by our brand ambassador, Madhuri Dixit-Nene. An icon of excellence in the field of dance and cinema, and heartthrob of millions.

She too is a perfect combination – of inner strength and determination as she negotiates the roles of mother and star, and of the flavour and variety that she brought into the many roles she essayed on screen. To know more about how the relationship between Madhuri and Taj is creating a new idiom, visit our blog, or join us on Facebook.

Confidence, Clarity and Consistency - Ayaan Ali Khan

Ayaan Ali Khan represents the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash School. The younger son and disciple of the sarod titan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan stepped into the world of music with the Sarod, at a very early age, with confidence, clarity, consistency and technical mastery that he learnt at his father’s knee. Ayaan has been performing concerts in India and around the world, since his solo debut at the age of eight.

Over the years, Ayaan has carved out a special niche for himself in the world of music. His approach, vision and versatility make him an icon for the youth in the music industry. His contribution in making the Sarod a cross-over instrument in a variety of genres has projected him as an artist of high repute.

Mingling modernity and tradition - Saif Ali

The dawn of a new millennium brought tremendous change to India. As Indians discovered new tastes from across the world, and yet celebrated their own culture more vigorously, a new idiom came into being. Taj Mahal evolved with the time – introducing both new technologies and a new look.

New times demanded a new face – which represented both modernity and tradition. Saif Ali Khan, the accomplished actor and symbol of modernizing India was the perfect fit. Effortlessly elegant, he straddled both old and new. At once the young Nawab of Bhopal and Pataudi, and also the portrayer of such diverse roles as LangdaTyagi (Omkara) and Cyrus Mistry (Being Cyrus). Just as Taj Mahal represented the continuity of the best traditions of tea-making, while embracing the modernity of technology to deliver the best quality.

Hazaaron mein ek - Zakir Hussain

Think Taj Mahal, and you will find yourself drawn to thinking about Ustad Zakir Hussain. And why not, for his relationship with Taj Mahal has itself become iconic – the longest relationship between a brand and a brand ambassador, ever.

Who might have guessed this when we signed on a young man with tousled hair and seraphic smile, in the 1980s? Yet he personified the brand’s values – of excellence, honed with rigour. Just as Zakir Hussain became the rising star of Indian Classical Music through long hours of practice, Taj Mahal was crafted by thousands of trials to choose only the best blend. And just as he foreswore all appreciation by saying ‘Arre huzoor, wah taj boliye!’, so too could Taj Mahal too rest on its laurels – of having delivered to India a ‘hazaaron mein ek’ experience.

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