Taj Teas

The beginnings: on the misty banks of the Brahmaputra

The journey of Brooke Bond Taj Mahal is founded on a guiding principle – fostering excellence to savour the best. The selection of tea leaves, blending and processing are based on painstaking craftsmanship, honed over thousands of trials and years of experience.

The tea leaves that will ultimately make it your cup of Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea are grown only in a few estates of Upper Assam. For it is here, in the 1830s, that the story of Indian Tea started, when Ningru La sent the first consignment of tea to England. Enchanted by a never-before-known strength and flavour, the British thirsted for more. Soon Maniram Dewan and Robert Bruce would establish the first plantations that are still growing tea today.

Keeping our masters’ promise

We ask you to think like a master again, for a few minutes. You have just created the perfect Taj Mahal blend, after tasting many hundreds of cups. Now how do you ensure that this perfectly crafted experience reaches the customer, even though the pack of tea may have spent many months in transit or on shop shelves? You pose this question to our other experts – the tea technologists.

After years of painstaking research and development, our technologists introduced vacuum-sealed packing in 1987. It works almost like magic. The tea enters a chamber from which all air and moisture (which could otherwise foul the tea) is removed, and there, untouched by human hands, it is weighed and packed. When you next buy a pack of Taj Mahal Tea, look for the mark that says ‘Aroma Lock Pack’. This is our way of telling you we’ve kept our promise: that every cup you brew will be just the one our masters selected for you!

Developing new blends and flavours

Like all people, your tastes would also have changed over time. At Taj Mahal, it’s important for us to keep pace with you. We cooperate with many tea experts and other food experts to bring you new flavours and blends.

Our experts have scoured the world for different combinations, in order to bring you the right mix for classics like Gold, Darjeeling and English Breakfast. The Taj Signature Blend, which is the basis for all flavoured teas, is the product of a lot of research.

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